Do your customers ROPO?

By Mercaux
February 7, 2023


As more and more customers ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline, and vice versa), we've created a journey to visualise exactly how in-store composable technologies like Mercaux are helping to bridge the gap to support a frictionless omnichannel shopping experience.  

According to recent research by Klarna, 75% of shoppers expect to be able to access a brand’s products via multiple channels (i.e., physical store, website, marketplace, social media), and 64% expect an integrated experience when moving between different channels offered by a single retailer. This is a big challenge for retailers where online customers are exposed to real-time inventory, rich product descriptions, personalised recommendations (based on previous visits), the ability to save wish lists and baskets and a multitude of fulfilment options. Compare this to the store, and you can quickly see the gap between the two experiences. 

There is a way however - a next generation in-store composable platform brings these online experiences into the store, and more. Click below to download our ROPO infographic and see how such a solution can enhance every step in a customer's buying cycle:

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