Mercaux Launches New Intelligent Task Management Solution

By Mercaux
March 22, 2024


Mercaux, the leading In-store Clienteling and CX Platform, proudly unveils its latest addition to its fully composable offering: Intelligent Task Management. Designed to streamline both customer-related and store operations activities, this innovative solution empowers store associates to drive loyalty, increase sales, and boost profitability.

Intelligent Task Management is intertwined with Mercaux’s wider suite of CX solutions, including Clienteling, Outreach, Sales Assist and Store Operations, as well as deeply linked into retailers’ existing systems, such as CDP and marketing automation. Traditional task management tools often lack integration with wider activities and operations, and therefore, this massively impacts efficiency. Mercaux's intelligent solution addresses this gap by both automating and intelligently incorporating tasks into Mercaux's wider composable suite of CX solutions, as well as retailers’ existing technologies and processes. Olga Kotsur, co-founder and CEO of Mercaux, comments,

“Intelligent Task management aligns with our broader vision for empowering retailers with a single composable In-store CX Platform. Integrated Clienteling, Outreach, Operations, Assisted Selling and Task Management allows salespeople to know what activities to focus on, how to build relationships with their customers, and also do it in the most efficient and effective way. At the same time, HQ team and managers get truly unique management tools and visibility into their staff activities and performance."

Examples of Mercaux’s Intelligent Automated Tasks:

  • A customer visits the store and is being served by a sales associate, but decides to take some time to think about purchasing the items. The store associate adds the items to their wish list and receives an automated task to notify the customer when the products are running low in stock, or go on sale.
  • A customer visits your store and purchases an item one day - the next day, a task will be automatically created in Mercaux's Clienteling solution for a store associate to reach out to them via WhatsApp (Mercaux’s Remote Selling Solution) to thank them for the purchase and suggesting additional items to help style the item.
  • Before an exclusive collection arrives in-store, sales associates receive a task to notify their most loyal VIP customers, suggesting to book an appointment or pre-order the item.
  • Every week sales associates receive a task to connect with a list of customers who purchased previously in their store and currently have an open wish list online.
  • Sales associates receive a task to connect with a list of customers who used to be frequent purchasers but haven’t been doing so recently, suggesting to share the latest product launches or offer a special promotion.  
  • An appointment has been generated for a store visit - Mercaux’s Intelligent Task Management solution will have a task ready on the day for the sales associate who is facilitating that appointment to gather the requested items before the customer arrives.
  • Another more operational task can stem from your visual merchandising team that generates a task close to the beginning of a new season to update the windows displays.

HQ teams gain granular control over task assignment and tracking, enabling them to support stores effectively and maintain brand standards. For sales associates, task management eliminates guesswork, allowing them to focus on activities aligned with personal KPIs.

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