3DLook and Mercaux Partnership

By Mercaux
May 2, 2024


We're thrilled to introduce one of our latest partners, 3DLook - an AI-powered mobile body scanning and virtual fit solutions. At the heart of 3DLook's innovation is a mission to revolutionise the way customers shop. By leveraging advanced AI technology, 3DLook ensures that shoppers receive perfectly fitting garments tailored to their unique body measurements, drastically reducing returns and enhancing overall satisfaction.

But the partnership doesn't stop there. Through integration with Mercaux, 3DLook's capabilities extend even further. Imagine providing in-store staff with real-time insights into customers' exact measurements (through Mercaux's Clienteling solution), so that they can provide product recommendations they know will fit that customer. And with Mercaux's Remote Selling solution, store associates can provide a hyper-personalised remote shopping experience too by requesting exact measurements be shared via a 3DLook link connected to their 360° profiles.

By delivering products that perfectly match customers' body shapes, retailers can expect to see improvements in customer lifetime value, conversion rates, and a reduction in returns - KPIs that Mercaux customers will already recognise as being influenced by our solutions.

Find out more about 3DLook here

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