New BYOD Solution to Transform Unified Shopping Experience in Record Time

By Mercaux
June 26, 2024


Mercaux, The In-Store Customer Experience Platform, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution, designed to alleviate CAPEX pressures and elevate in-store customer interactions. The new solution leverages the retailer's existing investment in hardware, or alternatively, makes use of the store associates own smartphone devices—be it Apple, Android, or Windows—for deployment in less than a month.

Key Highlights:

  • Universal Compatibility: Deploy on any web-enabled device, including Apple, Android, and Windows platforms.
  • Powerful Modules Included: Access Mercaux’s top-performing Assisted Selling and Clienteling solutions for unmatched customer engagement.
  • Rapid Implementation: Go live with the BYOD solution in as little as one month, leveraging existing hardware or store associate smartphones.

As retailers face increasing CAPEX constraints, the need for cost-effective yet impactful solutions has never been greater. Mercaux’s BYOD solution addresses this challenge head-on, offering a swift, budget-friendly deployment that doesn't compromise on enhancing critical KPIs such as sales, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

Alex Petrov, co-founder & CTO of Mercaux, commented, “Retailers are caught in a tough spot, needing to cut costs while simultaneously boosting performance metrics. Our new BYOD solution is a direct response to these pressures, enabling any retailer to swiftly deploy a transformative in-store experience without the heavy CAPEX burden. I’m immensely proud of our team for delivering a solution that meets these demands so efficiently.”

The BYOD solution encompasses two of Mercaux's most powerful modules designed to boost conversion, sales, and customer loyalty:

Assisted Selling

  • Showcase the endless aisle and provide instant product information via barcode scanning.
  • Check real-time omnichannel availability and offer tailored recommendations.
  • Create and share digital baskets, with the option to complete transactions in-store on store associate or customer devices.


  • Utilise comprehensive 360° customer profiles to deliver hyper-personalised experiences.
  • Make bespoke recommendations based on the customer’s past interactions across all channels.
  • Enrich customer 360° profiles with in-store behavioural data

Creating a Unified Customer Experience:
Mercaux’s BYOD solution integrates seamlessly with e-commerce data, enriching customer profiles and ensuring a cohesive Online to Offline (O2O) journey. Retailers can now bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences, driving engagement and loyalty like never before.

For more information, visit: Mercaux BYOD Solution


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