Store CX Apps: Stay Native or go Progressive? [Fact Sheet]

By Mercaux
August 18, 2022


To build a Native App or go with a Progressive Web App? This question is raised time and time again by retailers looking to bring mobile apps into the store. We share an infographic breaking down the decision for retailers.

When it comes to in-store experience, accommodating the mobile-first customer of today is on the minds of many retailers. Shoppers want an app that provides product descriptions, real-time inventory, product recommendations and preferably, the ability to build baskets and checkout.

But how should retailers make the decision between building their own app, versus deploying a web-based solution? We have the answers in the fact sheet below, comparing the two most common types of app across cost, development, rollout, and customer experience.

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Head to to learn more about what transforming your customer's smartphone into a digital store associate could mean for you.

If you are curious about anything covered in the fact sheet, or have any questions about your own in-store digital transformation journey, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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