JRNI’s Latest AI-Powered Automation Solution Now Available for Mercaux Customers

By Mercaux
July 26, 2023


Mercaux is pleased to be showcasing AI-Powered Automation for appointment scheduling, event management, and queue management, offered through our omnichannel store platform, courtesy of our partner, JRNI.

Mercaux’s customer base will be able to access the benefits of JRNI’s new AI-Powered Automation atop our integrated platform. JRNI’s technology effectively leverages Mercaux’s Clienteling solution to provide a seamless integrated shopping experience for brands across the globe.


JRNI’s new capability uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help retailers proactively identify, communicate with, and facilitate human-to-human in-store or virtual connections. Service events and appointments, trunk shows, custom fittings, and exclusive events for customer cohorts are easily advertised, managed, tracked, and followed-up on, using AI-Powered Automation to anticipate and to proactively engage and delight customers.  This solution reduces manual administration, tracking, and reporting, saving precious staff time and reducing customer delays. Moreover, JRNI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) communication engine automates coordination and communication around customer scheduling requests and changes via chat, SMS, and e-mail communication, at any time of the day without human intervention. These capabilities can reduce up to three hours per day of staff administrative tasks and deliver up to 3x improvement in sales velocity, conversion rates, and revenue-per-transaction.


JRNI’s AI-Powered Automation has proven to deliver higher appointment volume and faster conversion cycles to select retail brands, and integration with Mercaux’s clienteling solution allows for a single platform to drive both efficiency in the customer journey and a single customer view while in store, delivering the most personalised experience across retail technology available today.


"JRNI shares Mercaux’s commitment to seamless customer experience, improved customer engagement, and optimised staff productivity," said Phil Meer, CEO of JRNI. "We’ve integrated AI to increase the quantity and quality of engagements around events and appointments without burdening front-line retail staff around negotiating schedules, following up, and shuffling calendars. We are excited to bring this new capability to Mercaux customers to impact customer satisfaction and their bottom line."


If you are interested in launching Events and Appointments for your business, you can find out more by visiting our solution page here.


JRNI’s official announcement can be viewed here.

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