Modernising POS: Turning customer transactions into experience with Talon.One, Mercaux, & Cabiri

By Mercaux
July 24, 2023


Curious to learn about why the future of Point of Sale (POS) is headless, the challenges that come with monolithic systems, and POS integrations and omnichannel promotions? Talon.One's latest ebook brings partners including Mercaux into the ultimate guide to transforming checkout with a composable strategy.


The ebook covers the growing need for retailers to adopt a composable POS approach and what limitations they will face if they choose to stay with legacy systems, as well as scenarios for integrating promotions and loyalty into your POS. Mercaux's contribution discusses the future of POS, as well as how self-service capabilities and pre-checkout scenarios unlock a world of possibilities for retailers looking to update their customer experience when it comes to the final step in the path-to-purchase. All of the above is illustrated by a deep dive into a case study of how River Island successfully transformed their checkout experience in a project with Mercaux, Talon.One, Cabiri, commercetools, and Stripe.

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