Supporting Diverse Customer Needs for Home & Furniture Stores

By Mercaux
July 12, 2023


From large-scale home transformation projects to quick decorative purchases, customers seek inspiring home & furniture shopping experiences for various reasons. How can retailers accommodate their complex needs?

Click below to read on and discover how to accommodate diverse customer scenarios, deploy solutions that quickly guide them to suitable products, or inspire purchasing complete projects, both in-store and remotely.

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Our guide covers why a purpose-built solution could revolutionise your shopper's in-store experience with a suite of self-service solutions like progressive web apps, discovery kiosks, and self-checkout, as well as scenarios for both store associates including easy inventory access, facilitating complex products, and upselling.


If you're interested in hearing more about the scenarios covered in our guide, or are curious about providing exceptional customer experiences, simply reach out to us. 

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