Say hello to BIPO: Browse In-Store, Purchase Online

By Mercaux
July 3, 2023


We’ve spoken at length about Research Online, Purchase Offline, and vice versa (ROPO), but why should retailers be paying attention to BIPO? Browse In-Store, Purchase Online is one of the most common ways in which customers shop nowadays, yet many shoppers have to manually save and find items between their online profiles and the store. It also creates problems for salespeople, who are tasked with meeting high customer expectations, providing in-depth information on the fly, all while the customer does not finish the transaction in-store, leaving their sales efforts unseen.

What can retailers do to accommodate this shift?


Research Online, Purchase Offline (and vice versa)

Let’s start with the basics. Online, shoppers have the convenience of real-time product inventory, in-depth product descriptions, and recommendations based on their profile and previously viewed items. They also enjoy the convenience of being able to come back to their purchase later with wishlists, and receive the items however they want with flexible fulfilment. Yet for many, the current in-store shopping experience is disjointed from the online one.


The current model, and why it’s a detriment long-term

Right now, sales staff are not rewarded for sales they contributed to help make in-store that the customer finished online. A continuous lack of investment in the store, as well as the need to inspire and inform shoppers, fulfill orders, and occasionally sell remotely leaves sales staff burdened and unseen as contributors in closing the sale. As more customers expect an integrated experience when moving between channels, retailers should react.


We think we’ve got the answer – a single app for store associates, covering scenarios from Endless Aisle, digital baskets that can be shared with customers, and proper store associate attribution. Click below to find out more about how you could make your staff’s life easier, all while providing customers with the service they've come to expect.

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If you're interested in hearing more about the scenarios covered in our guide, or are curious about providing exceptional customer experiences, simply reach out to us. 

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