Video: Karen Millen Transforms the Customer Experience with Mercaux

Jake Marshall

Digital Content and Marketing, Mercaux

Karen Millen partnered with Mercaux to transform their customer shopping experience, while empowering the sales team to sell more effectively through in-store digital transformation. Watch this short video to hear how Karen Millen's CEO, Global Retail Director and store-level Assistant Manager achieved the following:

• Improved sales conversion rates with omnichannel Sales Assist
• Increase in UPT and AOV through cross-selling looks with Digital Styling

“The Mercaux tool brings two different channels together and enables the stylists to sell products more easily and inform the customer about what best suits them.”
Beth Butterwick, CEO, Karen Millen
“We see a big step in the conversion increase as we sell to more clients and the teams are more confident, and we see an increase in the UPT as we build outfits together.”
Louise Mitchell, Global Retail Director, Karen Millen
"It has absolutely improved the experience. You're not stood behind the till. You are interacting with the customer... it's so efficient."
Leonora Rexhaj, Assistant Manager, Karen Millen

If you’d like to learn more about how Mercaux is helping retailers to unlock a material increase in sales and capacity for sales people, while enhancing the customer experience through digital transformation, please contact us.

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