Top Prioritise for 2024 from NRF's Big Show

February 6, 2024

David Miller

Chief Marketing Officer

Since NRF's Big Show concluded, I've been busy distilling crucial insights spanning Strategy, Technology, Business Optimisation, and more from the event.

In this blog post, I'm excited to share with you a condensed version of the many discussions – from the bustling atmosphere of the Mercaux booth to the presentations by industry leaders on stage, and numerous conversations within our brilliant partner network

Contained within this brief deck are not only insights gleaned from these interactions but also a glimpse into Mercaux's NRF Big Show activation strategy so you can see the lengths that were taken to reflect a true picture of the sentiment and priorities at the show.

Simply click on the arrows to navigate through the slides and uncover the pulse of the industry:

Frame 751
Frame 752
Frame 753
Frame 754
Frame 755
Frame 756
Frame 757

If you would like to download the presentation, please click here, or continue the conversation with me at

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