The Pulse of Retail 2020: Store of the Future

By Mercaux
November 25, 2019


Every year at Mercaux we carry out a survey of senior executives working in retail. As a leading provider of digital transformation tech for retailers, we need to keep up with the 'pulse' of retail, to understand the latest trends and developments that retailers are prioritising.

We're excited to share the insights from our latest survey in our "Pulse of Retail 2020" report. This year we've delved deeper into the topic of the "store of the future".

The report is divided into four sections:

  • The shifting role of the store
  • Customer expectations, both today and in the future
  • Technologies that are on the roadmap for retailers
  • The future of the sales associate

When 61% of retailers continue to rank physical retail as their most important sales channel, and almost three quarters saying that stores are the biggest contributor to revenue today, it's clear that retail stores still have an important purpose in the modern retail industry. It's vital for retailers to understand that the role of stores is changing in line with shifting customer expectations. Yet, only 20% of retailers polled feel that their organisation is capable of reacting to shifting customer expectations quickly.


Read the full report today to benefit from more interesting insights just like these. To download your copy of our Pulse of Retail 2020: Store of the Future report, please click here.

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