Pulse of Retail 2023: Peak Season Special Report Out Now

By Mercaux
September 11, 2023


Mercaux Presents Exclusive Mid-Year Insight in "Pulse of Retail 2023 Peak Season” Special Edition

Mercaux, a leading provider of In-Store Omnichannel retail solutions, is thrilled to fulfil its promise by presenting an exclusive insight into peak season sentiment through "The Pulse of Retail 2023 - Peak Season" report. This special edition report is a testament to Mercaux's commitment to staying connected with the retail industry amidst a year marked by soaring living costs, job market uncertainties, and daunting inflation.

Here is a snapshot of what to expect from the report, which surveyed more than 200 retail executives across the UK, USA, Spain and Italy, with five further executive summary points available on download of the full report:


  1. Driving More Sales Takes Centre Stage: The role of the store has evolved, with driving more sales now recognized as the most crucial function, surpassing "fulfil-from-store."
  2. Steadfast Progress Despite Economic Challenges: Despite economic uncertainties, retailers are continuing their growth in in-store technology deployment, with a significant increase from 24% to 36%.
  3. Prioritising Self-Checkout: Transforming point-of-sale systems is a top priority, with self-checkout, both on customer devices and kiosks, taking the lead.
  4. Addressing Staff Retention Challenges: Half of retailers are grappling with staff retention issues. 
  5. Unlocking the Potential of AI and ML: To harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in retail, the report highlights opportunities, addresses scepticism, and explores workforce dynamics.


In a departure from their well-known annual report, Mercaux ventured into a mid-year assessment, capturing sentiment in the month of July. The findings unveil a heightened focus on leveraging in-store experiences to drive revenues. This trend is underscored by the survey, which highlights the continued deployment of in-store technologies and the retention of staff by providing them with the tools to make them more successful in their roles.


"I am thrilled to fulfil our promise by presenting you with an exclusive insight into peak season sentiment through 'The Pulse of Retail” report series. In a year marked by challenges, our commitment was to reconnect with you in the latter half of 2023, offering a succinct overview of the prevailing sentiments within the retail industry," said Olga Kotsur, co-founder & CEO at Mercaux.


To dive deeper into the revealed results and gain valuable insights, Mercaux is excited to announce an upcoming roadshow. This event will present case studies of pioneering retailers who are making significant strides in embedding omnichannel strategies into their stores. We invite you to explore our events page to participate in these discussions taking place in London, Madrid, and Milan.

Click below to access the full report:


Pulse of Retail 2023 Peak Season

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