Meet the Client Success Team - Olga

September 27, 2019

Jake Marshall

Digital Content and Marketing, Mercaux

At Mercaux, our core mission is to see our clients achieving success. Our Client Success Team make this a reality every day. They are our very own team of retail experts, working with our clients through every step of their journey with Mercaux. As part of this “Meet the Client Success Team” mini-series, we will be speaking to each of our CSMs to highlight the fantastic work that they do and celebrate their value to the Mercaux team and our clients.

In our latest blog post, we’re excited to introduce you to Olga Mozgovenko. Olga is a Customer Success Manager at Mercaux who has worked in our Moscow office since January 2018.


1) What do you like about working for Mercaux?

Olga: The best thing about my job at Mercaux is the constant change. As the product evolves, new clients come and request different features, and each of my daily tasks is nothing like all of the others. I never get bored, but I always feel challenged – in a good way, of course.

2) What is your favourite Mercaux feature and why?

Olga: Definitely Clienteling. Now, not only can people be identified as loyal customers before the final moment of purchase, but they can also browse through a personalised catalogue based on their shopping history. It’s amazing how the customer shopping experience has evolved in the last couple of years.

3) What do retailers need to do to survive in the future?

Olga: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to digitalise brick & mortar stores and entertain their customers.

4) What is your best story from a client?

Olga: The absolute best feedback I’ve ever received was way back when a particular client was in the proof of concept stage and there were not enough devices for every sales associate in a store. The app was found to be so helpful in their daily routine, that they had a little – let’s call it – disagreement at the beginning of each shift regarding who should be working with the app because everyone wanted it! Luckily, the pilot period was a success, so now each sales associate has their own device.

5) What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

Olga: Apart from work, I study psychology as my second bachelors’ degree and I will graduate in 2020, so it takes up almost all of my spare time. My other passions are cinema and traveling - my most recent trip was to New York!

About Olga

Before Mercaux, Olga worked in Project Management for a private equity fund. She also has Event Management experience through organising hackathons. Olga studied a bachelors' degree in International Economic Relations at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, and is currently studying a second degree at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.


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