Case Study: Enhancing the in-store path to purchase, from product discovery to checkout

By Mercaux
June 15, 2023


Two British multi-brand fashion retailers within the same retail group partnered with Mercaux for their digital transformation project, with the goal of putting exemplary customer service at the forefront. Curious to hear more about how the project came to life, as well as how it delivered an uplift of 9% in sales, 12% in Omnichannel Units per Transaction (UPT), as well as boosting conversion by 7%?

By utilising the Mercaux App, the Sales Associates for our brands are able to provide next-level service, all without having to leave the customer’s side. No longer spending time tied down with manual tasks, thanks to the consolidation Mercaux provides, they can spend more time connecting with shoppers. The platform gives our staff confidence and unrivalled product knowledge. As a result, they have become more proactive in ensuring shoppers are getting the consistently pleasant, smooth, and memorable experience they expect from a multi-brand designer retailer such as ourselves.

Senior Member of the Retail Operations Team

Mercaux became a part of the retailers’ digital transformation roadmap in 2019, with the objective of redefining the shopping experience, empowering their salespeople to provide exemplary, proactive customer service, and improving overall sales. It was also important to the brands to centralise digital functionalities all in one location and achieve device and platform consolidation in order to deliver smoother journeys to users and make service more efficient. But how did they achieve this, and what results did they see?

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If you are interested in finding out more about the project or are curious about what deploying Assisted Selling tools can do for your sales associates, simply fill in your details to access the case study below, or please get in touch.


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