Panel Discussion: Acceleration in Digital Innovation

July 13, 2020

Olga Kotsur

Mercaux co-Founder & CEO

Recent studies reveal that whilst the world was in lockdown digital adoption by consumers and businesses has accelerated 5 years in just 8 weeks. How should retailers capitalise on this acceleration to speed recovery and support long-term strategic growth?

As a part of our ongoing series of webinars and discussions, we invited industry leaders and executives who had a frank and honest conversation on the successes (and struggles) that come with pursuing innovation to support growth in the Retail Industry.

Dimas Gimeno (Chairman Skintelligence, ex President El Corte Inglés), Carlos Soler Duffo (CEO Tous), Javier Vello Cuadrado (Partner, Head of CPR EY), Olga Kotsur (CEO Mercaux) and Beth Butterwick (Consultant Operating Partner, Ex-CEO Karen Millen) shared their thoughts on current consumer behavior changes and how retailers can introduce and prioritise innovations within their organisations.

We have included the main points from the discussion in the report, sign up and read it in full here or view the recording:




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