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Picture of Olga Kotsur

Olga Kotsur

Mercaux Founder & CEO

Partners with Mercaux

Mercaux In-Store Cloud & SAP:  Solving Physical Retail's Experience & Data Problem

What’s wrong with offline retail?   Let us start by stating a simple fact, online has changed how customers shop by providing a personalised, seamless and service oriented experience,...

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Panel Discussion: Acceleration in Digital Innovation

Recent studies reveal that whilst the world was in lockdown digital adoption by consumers and businesses has accelerated 5 years in just 8 weeks. How should retailers capitalise on this...

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Post COVID-19: How to prioritise your in-store initiatives

You may have seen that over the course of the last few weeks our team here at Mercaux have been hosting webinars centred around the premise of how retailers can Respond, Recover and ...

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How Store Digitalisation Affects Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience? The Retail industry is in the midst of Digital Transformation. Alongside this, brick-and-mortar retailers continue to hear how important it is to improve...

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Mercaux's End of Year Review 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our clients, partners, employees, and the whole industry for their continued support throughout 2019, and we look...

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Retail Transformation, TRENDS

Retail in 2018: Past the "Tipping Point"

With 2017 just behind us, it is an opportune time to take stock of the key changes the retail industry faced this past year and reflect on what trends will continue to shape retail in...

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