Mercaux's 2018 v 2019 Growth

January 28, 2020

David Miller

Chief Marketing Officer

We talk a lot about supporting our retail customers at every stage of their Digital Transformation Journey, from our core solutions that allow sales associates to serve and sell smarter, through to more advanced integrations for improving conversion such as mobile payments or click and collect. But what does Mercaux’s own transformation journey look like? I called upon our friends in our Data Analytics Team to pull the statistics on how we’ve grown from 2018 to 2019. Here are the statistics:

2018 v 2019 Growth WHITE


New Customers from around the world

2019 saw 61% more stores go live and Mercaux launch into 68 new cities. This high growth now means that we have a presence in 38 countries worldwide supported by the Mercaux app displayed in a multitude of different languages. 

Customer Engagement

2019 saw engagement with the Mercaux App hit new heights as more solutions were switched on and the app became increasingly “sticky” in the hands of Sales Associates. Average usage of the app grew by a staggering 51% per store. Here’s a few reasons why:

Retailers are seeing a sales uplift due to incremental omnichannel sales

One core solution that continued to grow in popularity in 2019 was Omnichannel. These orders (generated in-store and fulfilled online or in another store) increased by 145%, with the average number of orders reaching 1,900. That’s 1,900 incremental orders that would not have been generated had Mercaux not been in-store. There was also a 90% increase of looks and baskets sent to email for customers to review in their inboxes and purchase through ecommerce at a later date.


Consumers know what they want and Mercaux helps Sales Associates give it to them

Another area that saw a big increase in engagement was the search functionality in the catalogue area of the app. Customers asking Sales Associates to recommend a specific product (i.e. a red skirt) increased by 72%. Savvy merchandise teams are analysing the search data to inform changes to displays to place the most requested products more prominently in stores, increasing conversion rates in a customer's path to purchase.




We improved our Clienteling app in 2019 making it even easier for Sales Associates to offer a personalised shopping experience, resulting in 2x increase in customers served with a landing page of recommendations based on their previous online and offline purchases and wish lists. Our customers also increased the size of their CRM database with a 77% increase in new customer registrations made through the app in-store, crucial for generating loyal customers of the future.


What's new in 2020?

Our mission continues; To enable retailers to serve and sell smarter through digital transformation in store.

Expect exciting new partnership integrations, deeper data analytics to give you more actionable insights and advanced Clienteling to build a more personalised shopping experience for your customers. Also, keep an eye out for exclusive invitations to our roundtable dinner series in a city near you where you can discuss your top priorities and challenges for transforming your stores with fellow retailers. 

We look forward to being there at every stage of your digital transformation journey in 2020.

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